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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Driftwood Rock

The Driftwood Rock
I found this beautiful piece on the shores of Lake Superior. One day I was out searching for stones to add to my collection. I saw this strange looking rock and picked it up. It was so light and airy feeling. I was shocked to realize that this "rock" was a piece of driftwood.

Fast forward to a few years later... I was looking over my rock collection and pondering over these hardy, unique and tough little rocks. I picked up the driftwood rock and realized that it was me!

Over the years, I have been pushed, prodded, and knocked around by the waves of life. Each time the tides washed over me, an unneeded part of me was shaved away and sent out. After many years of this, I became more and more beautiful. One day, I emerged to look like the rocks that I was spending time with!

Remember when the tides of life are battering you around, you are learning, growing, and shedding the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Until one day, you become the soft, hardy, joyful, beautiful, light-filled being that you were always meant to be.

Be the driftwood rock, my friends! :D

Love to you all,