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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sometimes Quiet is a Good Thing

Today, I was reminded of the person I used to be and sometimes still am. Ever since childhood, I always had to be talking or in some cases just making noise for my voice to be heard. My cousin often reminds me of the time when I was around 5 years old. I would follow him around taking endlessly... One day  he had to mow the lawn, so he did. When he turned his head, there I was behind him still talking even though he couldn't hear a word I was saying. :)  As I became an adult this translated into me talking, but not really listening to others and their stories. These past few months, I have been going inside myself reflecting and getting quiet. What has quiet brought to my life?

1) Allowed me to hear other people. There is so much information and knowledge to gain from asking questions and hearing the lifetime stories of the people you meet.

2) My mind doesn't always race a million miles a minute, which has allowed me to hear my intuition and take steps towards creating the life that I want for myself. When my mind does race, it is generally for a purpose or reason. I got some flash of inspiration!

3) Getting quiet in my mind and voice has really  allowed to to be present and experience life. Life has so much more flavor and zest when you can get out of your head and really feel the moment you are in.

4) Really listening to others has developed new friendships that I probably never would have cultivated the old way.

My hope for you is to work towards getting in your mind, asking questions and really listening to the answers.